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Helprin also tells us that Victor had an important epiphany during his junior year in college, when he looked at his room-length closet filled with beautiful clothes and felt "a marvellous, ecstatic, pre-orgasmic contentment, white foaming oceans of it frothing in his mind as the birds outside sang of Eli."
The series played out like one of those pre-orgasmic M&S adverts where Dervla Kirwan makes a chocolate pud sound like a car-key party at Hugh Hefner's.
Two acupressure pads worn on the ankles (there's no genital contact) send out electronic pulses that the makers say will take women to a pre-orgasmic state...
As therapists trained by Barbach, the authors are also able to share their personal experiences of leading pre-orgasmic women's groups and the excitement that these groups entailed them and the participants.
AAccording to the Ministry of Health's 424-page official guide on the subject (written by Dr Cilla Fane, Dr Polly Ester-Fabrique and Professor Baker Loite and published by the HM Stationery Office as reference document OS.69): "The basic principle of oral sex is that one participant should use his or her oral cavity as a replacement for that part of their body which is more normally associated with intimate pre-orgasmic sexual contact.