pre-oedipal phase

pre-oed·i·pal phase

in psychoanalysis, the collective phases of psychosexual development preceding the oedipal phase.
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The authority and moral values of the rival are introjected with the identification, consolidating the superego in place of the archaic all-good and all-bad images that dominate in the pre-oedipal phase (McWilliams, 1999).
As Kristeva elaborates on, abject, in its simplest sense, is associated with the pre-Oedipal phase, therefore is marked by the absence of the Law since passage from the Imaginary to the Symbolic is characterized by the Oedipal complex.
(4.) Similarly, Julia Kristeva identifies the disruptive power of the remnants of the pre-Oedipal phase in "semiotic" language play (62), attributing to such play the possibility of undermining the symbolic order, associated with the Law of the Father (62-67).
In her recent writing, Kristeva connects the constitution of subjectivity to the imaginary tribulations of the pre-Oedipal phase rather than to the Oedipal, symbolic process alone.
Laplanche suggests that an elementary form of subjectivity is constituted when the small infant enters into an identification with certain "enigmatic signifiers" in the pre-Oedipal phase, a phase which initiates the binding of unconscious drives through primal repression.
She talks to friends on the telephone, to her analyst, even to an aspiring angel in heaven, who has clearance to return to earth as an infant in order to research the mystery of the pre-Oedipal phase. She makes notes on what Freud would say about her condition, makes lists of babies she has heard of who have died, worries about whether she should write another book instead.