pre-implantation diagnosis

pre-im·plan·ta·tion diagnosis

A procedure in which embryos generated using in vitro fertilization techniques can be screened for the presence of the gene for a particular characteristic or defect prior to uterine implantation.
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Our city had an IVF clinic that had recently established a pre-implantation diagnosis program, but it hadn't yet had a successful pregnancy as a result of genetic screening.
At-risk couples who are carrier-carrier couples receive information about the risk of having a thalassemia child and options of prenatal and neonatal diagnosis and pre-implantation diagnosis.
This new system must enable the laboratory to continue with the existing DNA microarray service commitments primarily for patients with learning disability but must also allow the laboratory to carry future applications not related to learning disability including copy number detection in germline disease, somatic cancer, prenatal diagnosis, pre-implantation diagnosis (PGD) and pre-implantation screening (PGS).
Bowman added that in about 1 in 20 cases parents undergo a cycle of pre-implantation diagnosis just for sex selection to avoid having another autistic child.
WHITE PAPER, 2-4 (2008), available at; MAREIKE KLEKAMP, WOMEN AND ACTUAL CHALLENGES OF BIOETHICS: THE PERSPECTIVE OF CHRISTIAN SOCIAL DOCTRINE SHOWN AT THE EXAMPLE OF PRE-IMPLANTATION DIAGNOSIS (PID) 2 (citing Gunter Rager, Der Beginn des Individuellen Menschseins aus Embryologischer Sicht, in Zeitschrift fur Lebensrecht 13, J.G.
(1) This old Act was hopelessly inadequate to deal with many innovations such as pre-implantation diagnosis. (2) To address this vacuum, parliament passed the National Health Act in 2003, (3) and implemented most of it in 2005.
If the test is positive, the pregnancy can be terminated, or, in the case of pre-implantation diagnosis, the embryo will be discarded.
Around 1,000 babies have already been born using pre-implantation diagnosis.
The 27-year-old mother, from London, had her IVF embryos screened using a technique known as pre-implantation diagnosis.
" Pre-implantation diagnosis offers them the option of having a healthy child without resorting to an abortion."
(1) Others consider there to be an absolute difference between pre-implantation diagnosis for a serious disease, which they find acceptable, and tissue typing to create an embryo for treating an existing child, irrespective of any risks to that embryo.
He also describes the striking new technique of pre-implantation diagnosis whereby the embryo can be tested genetically and discarded if it is carrying the gene of interest.