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Early Day Motion

A UK term of art for a formal motion for a Parliamentary debate on a particular subject to be held on an "early day" (i.e. soon). Topics for EDMs range widely—from support of homeopathic hospitals to the introduction of a bill on climate change. There is no guarantee that an EDM will be debated, even when multiple MPs sign the Motion.
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Those that are there are at a fair distance, so when I found out about this place just behind my building, I started praying here.
"Praying for your Children" is an important book for every parent, church prayer group, and individual intercessor.
Over half (52.1%) would end a future relationship if the partner was not supportive of their praying. The stereotype of the "Godless, anti-religious, college student" who does not pray, or expect their romantic partner to do so, was not true of these respondents.
We need not be tidy or formal in our praying. No one time is more opportune than another, because God always listens.
People have as much right to think praying is the answer as I do to think it isn't.'' So what do YOU think?
I would like to suggest "Praying the New Testament" as an excellent resource for family devotions or for personal meditation.
Loving your enemies, praying for your enemies, doesn't mean saying there isn't a problem or they're fine really.
I will be travelling around the diocese praying with Christians wherever they are.
I will be travelling around the Diocese praying with Christians in their places of work, in the places they learn and in their homes - seeking out quiet places of the Spirit in a hectic world.
Last week, I was praying more fervently than ever before while watching Jude's new film, a positively unholy remake of Sleuth.
Today many, many people are praying for the safety and protection of our wonderful country.
Jesus is someone for whom conversation with God is integral to who he is, but also as someone whose praying does not conform to any fixed pattern.