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Early Day Motion

A UK term of art for a formal motion for a Parliamentary debate on a particular subject to be held on an "early day" (i.e. soon). Topics for EDMs range widely—from support of homeopathic hospitals to the introduction of a bill on climate change. There is no guarantee that an EDM will be debated, even when multiple MPs sign the Motion.


n communication with the spiritual or ultimate reality, which may be understood as transcendent or immanent, and described in theistic or nontheistic terms.
prayer, conversational,
n type of prayer, in which one speaks like a friend to one's god, sharing problems, thoughts, feelings, and concerns.
prayer, directed,
n a prayer in which a specific effect or goal is expected and requested.
prayer, intercessory,
n a variation of petitionary prayer, in which the individual praying makes a request on behalf of someone else.
prayer, meditative,
n type of prayer, in which one focuses on a word, phrase, or sound to still the mind or to allow one to listen for the ‘still, small voice’ of the divine. Also called
centering prayer, contemplation, contemplative prayer, or
listening prayer. See also mantra and meditation.
prayer, petitionary,
n type of prayer, in which one makes a request of one's god.
prayer, ritualistic,
n type of prayer, in which one repeats standardized prayers as an established part of one's specific spiritual traditions.
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a prerequisite (hence the respondent would insist) that the person they dated prayed, 2.
Has it ever occurred to you that you received a blessing, or you pulled through a trial or a sickness, or you found peace and enlightenment, because you prayed, or because people were praying for you?
Meanwhile, addressing a meeting from London through video link, he said he talked to the prime minister who had personally thanked those who prayed for the success of the operation.
So I always prayed to women and that's the thing that I look to now to make me strong in this very unique situation that is being a pop singer.
But as I prayed, into my ear, there came a voice that whispered clear.
Jesus prayed for certain things that have yet to arrive, the peace of Jerusalem being one of them.
He added: "He was praying for all the local people and then he prayed for him.
But prior to choosing twelve apostles from among his disciples, Jesus prayed through the night (6:12).
He asked for their prayers, and prayed, "God save the king and the realm, and hold His holy hand over it, and send the king a good counsel.
People of many faiths have prayed with beads since time immemorial.
Praying and being prayed for are always beneficial.
The woman told my friend how she had prayed and prayed for her son to do well at school.