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Early Day Motion

A UK term of art for a formal motion for a Parliamentary debate on a particular subject to be held on an "early day" (i.e. soon). Topics for EDMs range widely—from support of homeopathic hospitals to the introduction of a bill on climate change. There is no guarantee that an EDM will be debated, even when multiple MPs sign the Motion.
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This study shows that young evangelical typically pray daily, preferring a setting alone at home, at night and knowing God will answer prayer according to His will.
First he dared to pray against the darkest danger from these immoral cities.
When you pray for success in military missions, it is the military's definition, not the gospel's.
It is important to be alert and vigilant and for those who pray to pray for the purposes of the enemy may not be fulfilled in our nation," he said.
"Instead of reading other stuff, pray. While traveling listen to sacred music, pray," said Tagle.
Be blessed, but do remember how much you pray for others is more important than your prayers for yourself..!
"We only pray four times a day here, because at the noon time it is very hot outside and most of the people are also at work, so the congregations are held only for morning, afternoon, evening and night prayers," added Musa.
* 43% of those 55 or older pray once a week; 23% of those 18-34 pray once a week
"We Pray in Many Ways" is a Catholic Kids Library title to teach children ways to talk to God in prayer.
"Such an honor to pray within the Oval Office for @POTUS & @VP," Moore's tweet said.
While each chapter closes with sample Scripture and prayer for husbands and wives to use together, "Praying Together" equips couples to pray with one another.
Synopsis: "Christians, Jews, and Muslims all pray. So do Hindus and Buddhists.