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Early Day Motion

A UK term of art for a formal motion for a Parliamentary debate on a particular subject to be held on an "early day" (i.e. soon). Topics for EDMs range widely—from support of homeopathic hospitals to the introduction of a bill on climate change. There is no guarantee that an EDM will be debated, even when multiple MPs sign the Motion.


n communication with the spiritual or ultimate reality, which may be understood as transcendent or immanent, and described in theistic or nontheistic terms.
prayer, conversational,
n type of prayer, in which one speaks like a friend to one's god, sharing problems, thoughts, feelings, and concerns.
prayer, directed,
n a prayer in which a specific effect or goal is expected and requested.
prayer, intercessory,
n a variation of petitionary prayer, in which the individual praying makes a request on behalf of someone else.
prayer, meditative,
n type of prayer, in which one focuses on a word, phrase, or sound to still the mind or to allow one to listen for the ‘still, small voice’ of the divine. Also called
centering prayer, contemplation, contemplative prayer, or
listening prayer. See also mantra and meditation.
prayer, petitionary,
n type of prayer, in which one makes a request of one's god.
prayer, ritualistic,
n type of prayer, in which one repeats standardized prayers as an established part of one's specific spiritual traditions.
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I pray men and women I have ignored, belittled, angered and
Does the frequency of prayer determine whether a person prays for a mate, insist that their partner pray, or end a relationship if a partner does not pray?
Then I am going into the city centre to listen to people's hopes and fears and ask them what they would want me to pray for.
I PRAY for world peace - otherwise known as George Bush being incarcerated in a padded cell.
pray for peace between the Christians, Jews and Muslims.
At the end of each year, Pray and his cop leagues asked each family how many times it had sprayed pesticides on its fields and whether anyone in the household had developed certain types of illness.
Pilgrims, who had been queueing from as early as 0300 BST, knelt at the tomb to pray.
Pray that God will give us leaders who can voice the conscience of our nation; and that their words inspire and motivate the whole nation to greatness.
In the brief, AU attorneys argued that public institutions should not be permitted to coerce students to pray or take part in religious worship.
Let us pray for people whose work necessitates unsocial hours, long commuting journeys, and frequent moving of house.
Let us pray earnestly that this road is taken and for political leaders who face crucial decisions in the days ahead.