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The study of human conduct.

prax′e·o·log′i·cal (-ə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) adj.
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To argue for a Keynesian multiplier is to ignore Hayek's fatal conceit, ignore the logic of praxeology, ignore the fact that empirically found relationships are at best historical artifacts, and to ignore the opportunity cost of misallocated resources.
30) Assuming logical positivism is correct and praxeology incorrect, arguendo.
A praxeology is a method of deductive reasoning that starts from first principles of a priori logic and builds analytic means from them to achieve valid deductive inferences.
Among some Austrians, a peculiar form of praxeology plays the defining role.
Lavoie and Storr (2011) reject Mises's dichotomy between praxeology and thymology.
Praxeology is a deductive process inquiring into purposeful human action through means and ends analysis, starting from first principles determining logical choices, and reasoning to a deductive inference.
It is full of unfamiliar terms - hermeneutics, praxeology, sophisticated falsificationism - to list only a few.
This time he attempts to assess the contributions, if any, of praxeology to environmental issues.
5) See Rothbard's classification of various types of scientific inquiries, including ethics and praxeology or economics, in Rothbard (2004, p.
For praxeology is, among other things, the science or logic of action and choice.
All of the authors spend a great deal of time explaining various ideas and theories of Austrian economics--from the business cycle to inflation to praxeology.