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The study of human conduct.

prax′e·o·log′i·cal (-ə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) adj.
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In other words, I examine documents that authoritatively express the general praxeology of the US military in the war on terror.
Rothbard, Murray N., "Praxeology as the Method of Economics" in Maurice Natanson, ed.
Godelier (1969: 135) has rightly pointed out, by considering as economic every action that uses scarce resources in order to achieve the best possible satisfaction of personal ends, and by assigning the same status to activities connected with subsistence, pleasure, power, or salvation, this theory dissolves the very object of economic anthropology into a praxeology of goal-oriented action, whose validity is assumed since it cannot be proved.
A praxeology is a method of deductive reasoning that starts from first principles of a priori logic and builds analytic means from them to achieve valid deductive inferences.
For purposes of this article, legal praxeology is essentially a qualitative research method that uses social science tools of content analysis and mapping.
The picture was completed with the adoption of an instrumental praxeology: practical action was predominantly conceived of as involving the manipulation of inanimate and animate resources to achieve certain ends.
Correspondingly, for Bourdieu's remarks on, and a discussion of his sociological approach to "objectivizing," marked by his theoretical apparatus of "habitue," "field," and "praxeology," see Pierre Bourdieu and Loic J.
NEWSBOY'S RTV PICKS PRAXEOLOGY is fancied to defy a share of top weight in the Unibet Nursery (4.10).
289) integrating it into his broader analysis of human action, that is, praxeology (Mises, 1998 [1949], p.
"Praxeology, History and the Perils of Historicism." London: Libertarian Alliance Conference.
Keywords: Praxeology; regional economic integration; economic integration; political integration; praxeological theory of politics; counterfactual.
Although the three-volume series raises important questions about praxeology, axiology, and anthropology, (87) the project is too large to survey in great detail here.