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(prăg′mă-tĭzm) [Gr. pragma, a thing done, + -ismos, condition]
The belief that the practical application of a principle should be the determining factor in decision making.
pragmatic (prăg-măt′ĭk), adjective
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"One of your jobs as a leader is to pragmatically and unflinchingly evaluate the value of your assets and the robustness of your business model on a long-term basis and move before their value deteriorates."
"In the same context, they commended ECOWAS for its pioneering commitment to the side of Mali, its overall accurate and relevant appreciation of the situation, its dynamic mobilization at the international level and, finally, its ability to react promptly and pragmatically," said a joint Moroccan-Senegalese communique released Tuesday in Dakar at the end of the official visit of His Majesty King Senegal.
We should not look at it as politics but see it very pragmatically as to what it will do to the future of the country.
By working pragmatically and flexibly together, employers and employees have been able to safeguard and create jobs.
"CubeXS Cloud is the first self-service Public Cloud pragmatically, positioned as a business-enabling platform that offers comprehensive selection of IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) environments to best fit the specific needs of business applications, storage and growth," said Farooq Sikander, COO CubeXS.
He has asked the presidents of the EU institutions to deal with this dispute pragmatically and to no longer leave the matter to bureaucrats.
The theme of the seminar will be Investment and Trade and is aimed to collect opinions from all sides to discuss more pragmatically with the leadership of Chambers and Associations from South Asian countries about all possible means to develop bilateral trade relations.
The columnist said that Iran maneuvered "pragmatically and efficiently at the right time to avoid international sanctions on it," while at the same time gaining two new international supporters in Turkey and Brazil.
The issue considers to what extent women and couples can pursue their choices through agency, submit their preferences to the will of others or are simply acting pragmatically. The values attached to a potential birth are discussed, and the point at which prospective parents consider induced abortion.
Summary: Morocco is resolutely and pragmatically committed to promoting the North-Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)'s Mediterranean dialogue, NATO deputy secretary general Claudio Bisogniero said here on Monday.
Hazen's title character (call him Soli please) is a pragmatically adaptable foster child of fifteen who roams San Francisco in his guardian's van without a driver's license.