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(prăg′mă-tĭzm) [Gr. pragma, a thing done, + -ismos, condition]
The belief that the practical application of a principle should be the determining factor in decision making.
pragmatic (prăg-măt′ĭk), adjective
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The intellectual elites genuinely do not like the people's pragmatic thinking.
"Chris Hughton, he has been there before but he is a bit pragmatic and gets the job done.
He noted that the NPrA is equally and centrally involved in the conception of the African Pragmatics Association, being currently led by Professor Nana Aba Appiah Anfo of Legon University, Ghana.
"We are very excited that Muhlbauer has qualified their TALI 5000 system for highspeed bonding of our FlexICs," says Scott White, CEO of Pragmatic. "Their extensive knowledge and customer base will accelerate the adoption of our novel technology."
Now TDI will continue to expand its course offerings under the Pragmatic Institute name.
With the pragmatic and principled foreign policy, together with a visionary domestic policy, he said Malaysia had made a great stride from an agriculture-based economy and manufacturing to a well-established and advanced industry on trade and service sectors.
Usually, within the field of pragmatics testing and assessment, isolated aspects of pragmatic competence have been investigated.
indexicality, reference assignment, literal meaning, semantic underdeterminacy, context-sensitivity, pragmatic intrusion, unarticulated constituents, semantics/pragmatics distinction, "what is said"/"what is implicated" distinction, etc.) (Perry, 2000; Stanley, 2000; Recanati, 2002a, 2004a, 2010; Bianchi, 2004; Bach, 2004, 2012; Szabo, 2005; Cappelen and Lepore, 2005; Cappelen, 2007; Carston, 2008; Gaucker, 2012; Borg, 2012; Corazza and Dokic, 2012; Stojnic and Lepore, 2013; Belleri, 2014; Stalnaker, 2014).
It provides clear explanations of many of the issues that are usually found to be challenging by the average student of semantics and pragmatics, such as the subject of logical positivism and the concept of truth conditions (37), or the difference between illocutionary and perlocutionary acts (46).
Instructed learners completed pragmatic awareness raising activities combined with the analysis of authentic language samples and participated in controlled and guided practice.
Ken Williamson, chief operating officer at PragmatIC, said: "We're growing rapidly and we needed our own space as the business progresses.