practical units

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prac·ti·cal u·nits

units of magnitudes convenient for use in the practical applications of electricity; as originally defined they were absolute units (multiples of CGS electromagnetic units); they include the ampere, coulomb, farad, henry, joule, ohm, volt, and watt.
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"I'm sure he found the whole experience beneficial, particularly the chance to work with bricklayers because it fits in with the practical units he will study." Rachel Park, 14-19 young apprentice work placement co-ordinator at Gateshead College, said: "This kind of opportunity is so valuable in helping youngsters find out for themselves what life is like in the workplace and setting them on the right path for the rest of their working lives.
These rugged, yet practical units are available in two models.
The principal merit of this book is the way in which Unsworth has developed practical units of work for use in the classroom, from the early to later years of schooling, based on a substantial theoretical base.