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A gene on chromosome 1p32 that encodes palmitoyl-protein thioesterase 1, a small glycoprotein enzyme that removes thioester-linked fatty acyl groups such as palmitate from cysteine residues.

Molecular pathology
PPT1 mutations are linked to neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis types 1 and 4.


parts per trillion (based on mass, volume or a combination of the two); powerpoint; precipitate; prepared.
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The average number of household members for the PPT group was 7.
7] In another study conducted, according to the students, the attributes such as clarity of words, stress on important points, and summarizations were best dealt with PPT whereas chalk and board-based lectures gave better clarity of concepts, learning to draw diagrams, better understanding of the subject, and easier note taking.
2 and Table 1) indicates that surface wettability of PPT samples is almost the same increasing due to treatment with all types of surfactants (The contact angle for the samples treated with OP-10, AGM and A-187 differ by <1%).
Stagnaro-Green, now the senior associate dean for education at George Washington University, Washington, proposed a treatment algorithm for PPT (J.
2], so indeed we do have a second PPT satisfying his required condition.
According to the company, BatchOutput PPT is a new addition to the Zevrix BatchOutput family of products, which enables users to: automate output from Word without the need to open each document manually; automate output to PDF with virtual printers such as Adobe PDF, CUPS-PDF and others; e-mail, fax, and output multiple Word documents to other formats using appropriate virtual printers; use the same settings from Word's Print dialog; as well as add files from the system dialog or by drag-and-drop from Finder.
Remission was achieved by 55% of the PPT patients and 20% of patients in the TAU group, he said.
While the market-determined product price for a ppt equals marginal revenue regardless of quantity sold (because the firm can sell as much as it chooses at that price), the market-determined wage for a rpt equals marginal labor cost regardless of amount of labor hired (because the firm can hire as much labor as it chooses at that wage).
Boeing found dioxins at up to 1,880 parts per trillion at an old burning facility on the site and levels up to 32 ppt in wastewater ponds, which can release water into drainage leaving the property.
Gulf Coast Research Laboratory (GCRL) cultures red snapper larvae at 30-35 ppt to match conditions in the wild.