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This article discusses the implications and the power structures inherent in this relatively undocumented but influential change in the structuring of the World Wide Web and is an attempt to scan the field from a critical, humanist perspective.
As the power structure invariably found it necessary to build a class coalition, the class politics of each stage ended up with a newly adjusted system for the exclusion of people of color from Native Americans to African Americans to Mexicans and Chinese.
Attempting to explain the background to the current-day sexual abuse scandals in the U.S.A., the author traces Church history and analyses the power structure. Totally disillusioned with the Church, she challenges papal infallibility, scoffs at the hierarchy, and promotes modem ideas, such as destructuring the Church by giving more power and "personal moral choice" to the laity.
But Rosen is set to leave at the end of the year, and, in a nod to the current power structure on Capitol Hill, the RIAA's search for a replacement has focused almost exclusively on Republicans.
The Salinas Valley Memorial Health-care System announced last month it had completed the largest solar power structure on any medical facility in the U.S.
That the task force has found power structure problems to be central to its own generation's concerns about education does not diminish Risk's prescience.
Manning accuses the church's power structure of authoritarianism, patriarchalism, and indifference toward the rights of women and children.
Though excommunicated after he married, Berrigan stood "against a morally bankrupt Catholic power structure" and never stopped being "an exemplary priest." On nuclear arms, he was prophetic, warning that the US failure to scrap them would bring ever more insecurity--for us and for the world.
The concern is that factions of the Revolutionary Guards and other elements of the Iranian power structure beyond the control of the elected government might have been involved in arms shipment to the Palestinians and the provision of a safe haven for al-Qaeda fugitives.
The Group of Twenty (including China, Russia, India, Brazil, and other large emerging economies) is far more representative of the global economic and political power structure. It should play a greater role in the Bank and Fund--and as a high level forum for discussing broader economic and financial policy issues.
But he noted that it remains to be seen whether Koizumi, who will replace the hugely unpopular Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori, can live up to public expectations as the LDP's power structure reflects numerous vested interests.
Yet in the death camps they were sometimes shunned by other Jews who saw them as part of the Christian-based power structure that was sending them to their deaths.