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a synthetic polymer used as a dispersing and suspending agent. Called also polyvinylpyrrolidone.
povidone-iodine (PVP-I) a complex produced by reacting iodine with the polymer povidone; it slowly releases iodine and is used as a topical antiinfective agent.
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po·vi·done i·o·dine

a water soluble complex of iodine with polyvinylpyrrolidone. Applied as an antiseptic in the form of solutions or ointments, it releases iodine. Used in cleansing and disinfecting the skin, preparing the skin preoperatively, and treating infections susceptible to iodine.
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An antiseptic drug suitable for application to the skin or, in the form of pessaries, to the vagina. It is also used as a mouthwash or gargle to treat mouth infections. Brand names are Betadine and Inadine.
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Both these subjects who had disturbances in healing underwent surgery, in which irrigation was done using normal saline alone without additional povidone-iodine. Povidone-iodine is an antiseptic and there is not a single case of infection among the subjects in whom irrigation was done with both saline and povidone-iodine.
Chlorhexidine-alcohol solution is superior to povidone-iodine in reducing surgical site infections when used for preparing skin before surgery in clean contaminated cases.
Exclusion criteria were (a) known allergy to povidone-iodine; (b) prior history pleurodesis; (c) brochopleural fistulae; (d) plural space infection at time of diagnosis; (e) renal, hepatic, and thyroid dysfunction; (f) incomplete reexpansion of the lung after tube thoracostomy; (g) highly moribund patients or (h) those with very limited life expectancy; (i) cardiac disease like heart failure; (j) pregnancy and nursing mothers; and (k) those who denied consent for procedures.
[23,24] The same results also demonstrated in another research study, that chlorhexidine was found to be more effective as compared to povidone-iodine. [25] Only when compared with a commercial mouthwash containing a mixture of essential oils, povidoneiodine gave better inhibition result at a concentration above 0.5%.
The average cost per patient for the MRSA screening was US$11 (SD, 0), and the average cost per patient for the hand-made povidone-iodine nasal swabs was US$1 (SD, 0; Table 3).
While it is considered a necessity to use povidone-iodine or alternative antiseptic as an aseptic measure, repeated exposure of ocular surface does seem to lead to increasing reports of dry eye symptoms.
diadematus and honey treated mice runs parallel to the synthetic povidone-iodine in compensating the skin damage and antiseptic properties.
Of the 50 patients with otorrhea, 50 (100%) were treated with topical antibiotics, 30 (60%) were treated with oral antibiotics, and 12 (24%) received povidone-iodine irrigation.
This study found that the use of a biopsy needle left in povidone-iodine solution significantly reduced infective complications after biopsy such as fever, prostatitis, and sepsis, as well as hospital stay linked to these complications, compared to a control group.
Exogenous iodine exposure from povidone-iodine used in peritoneal dialysis has previously been proposed as a possible mechanism of thyroid dysfunction in this patient population.
Group I was given povidone-iodine solution while Group II was given the classical treatment and was taken as control.