pour hole

pour hole,

n an aperture in a refractory investment or another mold material leading to the pattern space into which prosthetic material is deposited.
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The pour hole is left not quite closed, allowing CO2 to leak out for about 11 hours.
Adding a little more than a kilogram of dry ice pellets and not quite closing the pour hole let the carbon dioxide leak out at a bug-teasing rate for some 11 hours, she reported December 16.
Cyclic thermal and mechanical loads on shot sleeves in service can lead to a variety of failures including washout under the pour hole, longitudinal and radial deformation that cause plunger tip sticking and wear, gross cracking and heat checking.
These measurements were made directly below the pour hole at a distance of 5 in.
A section of the sleeve halfway between the pour hole and the platen was chosen for analysis.
The simulation was performed for a section of the sleeve halfway between the platen and the pour hole and corresponded to the section of the sleeve in the experiment that was 5 in.
Comparisons of the maximum distortion in the commercial sleeves were made and it was determined that there was not much appreciable difference in maximum distortion between the thin and the thick sleeve at a section halfway between the pour hole and the biscuit.