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 (lb) [pownd]
1. in the avoirdupois system, a unit of weight equal to 16 ounces (453.6 grams).
2. in the apothecaries' system, a unit of weight equal to 12 ounces (373.2 grams).
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A unit of weight, containing 12 ounces, apothecaries' weight, or 16 ounces, avoirdupois.
[A.S. pund; L. pondus, weight]
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(lb) (pownd)
A unit of weight, containing 12 ounces (apothecaries' weight) or 16 ounces (avoirdupois); equivalent to .453 kilograms.
[A.S. pund; L. pondus, weight]
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Unit of weight, containing 12 ounces, apothecaries' weight, or 16 ounces, avoirdupois.
[A.S. pund; L. pondus, weight]
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Q. i am all confused !!! there are so many kinds of diets and guides for loosing pounds , what should i choose

A. the best but hard one- going to a nutritionist with another friend that want to loose weight, build up a program, start doing physical activity . it will be hard, long, but worth it.
don't forget the friend, it's an important part!

Q. i need an easy way to loss pounds ... any suggestions ?

A. there are fasting routines you can do, but they are not worth it especially since they force a lot of water loss and not fat loss.

I would suggest you change up your eating habits and start exercising frequently. Remember to include resistance training 3 times a week minimum. Even going for walks helps.

Q. a good way or a method to shed off some pounds? Hello all, im a college student struggling with 15 to 20 extra pounds, I'm trying to shade it off, any one may say, run exercise, since I'm a soccer player it would only be obvious that i would be fit. My problem is that I hav a fracture knee and a previous dislocated right knee. Due to this i cant really excersice, so im asking for anyone out there,

A. I liked Schkinny answer. I find that eating chicken is a filling and a healthy meal. I suggest fresh vegetables instead of frozen. It's more natural and has a much higher nutritious value.

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