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 (lb) [pownd]
1. in the avoirdupois system, a unit of weight equal to 16 ounces (453.6 grams).
2. in the apothecaries' system, a unit of weight equal to 12 ounces (373.2 grams).
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A unit of weight, containing 12 ounces, apothecaries' weight, or 16 ounces, avoirdupois.
[A.S. pund; L. pondus, weight]
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(lb) (pownd)
A unit of weight, containing 12 ounces (apothecaries' weight) or 16 ounces (avoirdupois); equivalent to .453 kilograms.
[A.S. pund; L. pondus, weight]
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Unit of weight, containing 12 ounces, apothecaries' weight, or 16 ounces, avoirdupois.
[A.S. pund; L. pondus, weight]
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Patient discussion about pound

Q. i am all confused !!! there are so many kinds of diets and guides for loosing pounds , what should i choose

A. the best but hard one- going to a nutritionist with another friend that want to loose weight, build up a program, start doing physical activity . it will be hard, long, but worth it.
don't forget the friend, it's an important part!

Q. i need an easy way to loss pounds ... any suggestions ?

A. there are fasting routines you can do, but they are not worth it especially since they force a lot of water loss and not fat loss.

I would suggest you change up your eating habits and start exercising frequently. Remember to include resistance training 3 times a week minimum. Even going for walks helps.

Q. a good way or a method to shed off some pounds? Hello all, im a college student struggling with 15 to 20 extra pounds, I'm trying to shade it off, any one may say, run exercise, since I'm a soccer player it would only be obvious that i would be fit. My problem is that I hav a fracture knee and a previous dislocated right knee. Due to this i cant really excersice, so im asking for anyone out there,

A. I liked Schkinny answer. I find that eating chicken is a filling and a healthy meal. I suggest fresh vegetables instead of frozen. It's more natural and has a much higher nutritious value.

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On this reading, she appeared vindictive, unwilling to let the parties settle the case on amicable terms, and herself the vengeful pursuer of the figurative pound of flesh.
"Shell officials said that Ken Saro-Wiwa had `extracted his pound of flesh,' " Reed says, adding that Shell officials told him Saro-Wiwa had received consulting contracts and fees from the company.
Antonio, whose money is invested in foreign ventures, borrows the sum from Shylock, a Jewish moneylender, on the condition that if the loan cannot be repaid in time Antonio will forfeit a pound of flesh. News arrives that Antonio's ships have been destroyed.
He believes the Senate is intent on "extracting a pound of flesh" for the renewal of the rent regs in the form of luxury decontrol and vacancy control.
In order to finance Bassanio 's voyage from Venice to Belmont to win the hand of Portia, Antonio, a Venetian merchant, borrows money from the Jew Shylock and signs a bond stipulating that, if the money is not repaid within three months, Shylock may cut a pound of flesh from Antonio ' s body.
Understandably the IMF will ask for its pound of flesh with far reaching austerity, impossible revenue targets and restrictions on public expenditure.
My question is what pound of flesh will Maulana Sami extract from a willing Imran Khan after the general election should Imran Khan become PM?
"Over the top, my boys, Look lively for you're in the fight, The King, he wants his pound of flesh, And till it's his, won't sleep tonight."
The Tory blue bloods demanding a pound of flesh - PS4.4-billion in today's money - from hardworking people while gifting huge inheritance tax cuts to a few rich households is grotesque redistribution, Conservative-style, from the poor to the wealthy.
is very much built idea of this BDSM which doesn't feature Pound Of Flesh. The sex Pound Of Flesh are part relationship that's built up, not integral to it." scenes were tricky to sex scenes is more you think.
"I'll talk to you about the game because you've had your pound of flesh from me on everything else," he said.
This is no doubt backed by the satellite TV gods, who want to create an English city-based version of the game to rival the Indian one, and also suits the council, who want their pound of flesh for the PS30 million loan they gave Warwickshire to update the ground to "ensure the future of Test match cricket at Edgbaston.'' Since this so-called improvement, we have failed to get any Ashes Tests and appear to have fallen to the bottom of the pecking order behind even non-historic Test grounds, such as Durham.