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Marijuana, see there.
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Q. My pot shape belly is worrying me a lot and now I am helpless to bring it to right shape. What can help me? My pot shape belly is worrying me a lot and now I am helpless to bring it to right shape. My work is computer related and the shift schedule is so tough that I am left with no time for gym and exercise. There is a growth in my hips size as well and I feel completely uncomfortable. My body becomes completely heated after my work. I eat my meals regularly as I know pretty well that dieting without exercise does more harm than any good and I feel stressed. What can help me?

A. You reduce on your diet to small diet as it will be burned. Once the food is used by the body it won’t pound on your body. To reduce the gained fat and belly you have to do some exercise to excite muscles to form in the areas where you require and to reduce the excess fat where not required, especially at your belly and hips. I think you must go for swimming and this will definitely help ease your problems to a considerable level.

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Fill with the remaining potting medium, pressing down on it with your fingers to remove any air pockets.
When potting into large deep pots, use a short piece of wood to lightly firm the compost around the sides of the rootball to prevent air pockets forming.
For several years there's been a debate over whether potting on is important and although labour consuming I no longer need convincing after my Delphinium failures.
The eldest, John, now has a pottery and international reputation of his own, at Muchelney in Somerset, while Jeremy and Simon both combine potting with other interests.
* Imidazoles with long pot life and high HDT, for potting, casting and encapsulation.
Place fresh potting compost in the base of the pot, stand the old pot inside the new one and press compost down round the sides.
QI'VE never quite mastered the art of potting up plants.