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Marijuana, see there.
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Q. My pot shape belly is worrying me a lot and now I am helpless to bring it to right shape. What can help me? My pot shape belly is worrying me a lot and now I am helpless to bring it to right shape. My work is computer related and the shift schedule is so tough that I am left with no time for gym and exercise. There is a growth in my hips size as well and I feel completely uncomfortable. My body becomes completely heated after my work. I eat my meals regularly as I know pretty well that dieting without exercise does more harm than any good and I feel stressed. What can help me?

A. You reduce on your diet to small diet as it will be burned. Once the food is used by the body it won’t pound on your body. To reduce the gained fat and belly you have to do some exercise to excite muscles to form in the areas where you require and to reduce the excess fat where not required, especially at your belly and hips. I think you must go for swimming and this will definitely help ease your problems to a considerable level.

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Sow a potful on the patio or in the salad patch, and start picking young tender leaves as soon as the plants are big enough.
The 12 new Perfect Potful packets inside the Twelve Coffees of Christmas give consumers a fresh combination of the best-selling coffee varieties and flavors: Almond Amaretto, Breakfast Blend, Butter Pecan, Caramel Kiss, Chocolate Raspberry, Colombian Supremo "Popoyan," Creme Brulee, French Vanilla, Turtle Sundae, Vanilla Nut Creme, and white Russian.
(20) Away from established communities, a miner boiled beans by the potful with salt pork and drank coffee made in a pot that was one-fourth to one-half full of coffee grinds.
Leave them in a cool, frost-free place in a clump of soil or as a potful. This way the corms are less likely to dry out too quickly and the soil around them may protect them from violent fluctuations in temperatures.
We've got a potful of numbers in this issue, and most of them are not good.
If you use the optional vegetables suggested then you will have a potful, which may well do as a wee snack the next day.
The Twelve Coffees box ($16.99) contains a dozen packets of freshground brews, each making a 10- to 12-cup potful: almond amaretto, breakfast blend, butter pecan, chocolate raspberry, cinnamon nut swirl, hazelnut, Irish creme, mocha java, and regular and decaffeinated versions of Colombian supremo and vanilla nut creme.
Farida, mother of Shanu, has been bringing a potful of the precious fluid each day to my door.
So what you really want is a diversity of cases in lots of different regions, lots of different courts to create the greatest threat of liability." You might call this a "spaghetti strategy": Throw a potful against the wall and see if any strands stick.