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/po·ten·ti·za·tion/ (po-ten″tĭ-za´shun) in homeopathy, the process of making a remedy more potent by serial dilution (even to extent that it is unlikely to contain a single molecule of the original substance) and succussion.


The process of increasing the power of homeopathic preparations by successive dilutions and succussions of a mother tincture.


n in homeopathy, the progressive process of diluting and succusing the remedy.
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Dosages of homeopathic remedies vary with the degree of potentization (dilution and shaking).
For anyone with even a passing acquaintance with pharmacology, the Law of Potentization is hard to swallow.
Potentization invites serial dilution with succussion (violent strokes) or trituration at each stage.
Some observations suggesting a homeopathic potentization type study of semiconductors and other materials are as follows:
According to an article by Dana Ullman, an expert on homeopathy who has authored several books on the subject, homeopathic medicines are made through potentization, a pharmaceutical procedure in which a plant, mineral or animal substance is diluted (usually one part of the substance with 10 or 100 parts distilled water).