potentiometric titration

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po·ten·ti·o·met·ric ti·tra·tion

a titration during which the pH is continually measured with some value of the pH serving as end point.
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Potentiometric titration method by means of the standard TPB solution (10-2 molL-1 standardized as previously described [25] was used for determining Fl.
The wt% IA in the mixture of monomers fed to form the shell and that obtained by potentiometric titration as well the wt% IA that was incorporated in the shell are reported in Table 3.
The carboxylic groups present in the latexes were analyzed using conductimetric and potentiometric titrations.
The concentrations of carboxylic and phenolic groups, as estimated by potentiometric titration, were 0.
The zero point of charge or pH0 (Gillman and Uehera, 1980) of all the soils were determined from their potentiometric titration curves and is presented in table 2.
Borate retention was measured on the outer 25 mm of each tie sample, the required assay zone of timbers (AWPA C31-00 [AWPA 2001]), using reflux extraction in water for 1 hour and subsequent potentiometric titration of the resulting solution using mannitol (modified AWPA A2-15 [AWPA 2005]).
The anionic titration by potentiometric titration has recently been assigned DIN EN 14480.
In this report, we examined the quantity of total acids (TAN) in biodiesel samples in accordance with ASTM method D664, which is the standard test method for determining acid number by potentiometric titration.
The interaction of protons and hydroxyl ions with the bentonite, magnetite and their mixture surface groups were investigated by potentiometric titration under exclusion of C[O.
The present study is mainly focused on the surface charge PZC determination from the potentiometric titration data in the temperature range 293 323 K and to calculate the thermodynamic parameters during the exchange of surface H+/OH- ions.