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(pō-ten'shē-ā-tŏr, -tōr),
In chemotherapy, a drug used in combination with other drugs to produce deliberate potentiation.
Any factor that amplifies another factor—e.g., stress, chronic illness, etc.—and lowers the threshold for suicide completion
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As Aileen Rubio, Head of Biology for Spero, explained to Laboratory Equipment, potentiator compounds were designed to specifically interact with the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria to increase the membrane's permeability.
The available research indicates that plant polyphenols, in particular those of tea (Camellia sinensis), are potent inhibitors of iron absorption from the GIT, and suggests that in combination with the avoidance of known potentiators of iron uptake (meat, alcohol, fructose and vitamin C) consumption of tea polyphenols may be beneficial in individuals with HH and aid in the management of their condition.
2008): The proinflammatory cytokine response to Chlamydia trachomatis elementary bodies in human macrophages is partly mediated by a lipoprotein, the macrophage infectivity potentiator, through TLR2/TLR1/TLR6 and CD14.
PCR targets included a 16S rDNA segment and a macrophage infectivity potentiator (mip) gene fragment of L.
The most accurate identification of species can be obtained by sequence analysis of the macrophage infectivity potentiator (mip) gene (14).
VX-770: Phase 3 Registration Program Ongoing Three trials of the novel CFTR potentiator VX-770 are ongoing as part of a global Phase 3 registration program focused on patients with the G551D mutation.
Humans have been using soy in conjunction with traditional chemotherapy for some time as a chemo potentiator," said Suter.
Talin[R] all natural flavor enhancer/sweetness potentiator
One study, which compared the use of papain-treated RBCs to procedures involving LISS alone or LISS-papain combinations, found that the use of a potentiator in adsorption procedures decreased the mean processing time from 180 minutes to 57.
Facilitation of extinction learning for contextual fear memory by PEPA: a potentiator of AMPA receptors.