potentially compensable event

po·ten·ti·al·ly com·pen·sa·ble e·vent

(pŏ-ten'shăl'e kom-pen'să-bil ĕ'vent) (PCE)
Any event that can pose the risk of financial loss to a health care institution.
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Knowledge of what to do when presented with a foreign claim or potentially compensable event will help field claims offices and JAs provide such service.
Risk management peer review is governed by chapter 13 of Army Regulation 40-68 (1(pp108-113)) and is triggered either by occurrence of a potentially compensable event (PCE), filing of a medical claim, or notification of payment of a claim settlement or award.
Some facilities have potentially compensable event (PCE) reports.
One effective risk management approach that helps to foster such staff awareness is to distribute a list of potentially compensable events (PCEs) that can serve as an early warning system.
Quantros Claims Manager was created to support management of potentially compensable events, claims and lawsuits within the healthcare provider setting.
Risk management activities, including assessment of potentially compensable events (PCEs), as detected by incident reports and occurrence screens.
The Quantros Safety and Risk Management Suite of Solutions include Quantros Safety and Risk Management (SRM) in support of patient, visitor and employee event tracking, Quantros Feedback Manager for comprehensive patient relations management, and Quantros Claims Manager for managing potentially compensable events, claims and lawsuits.

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