potentially compensable event

po·ten·ti·al·ly com·pen·sa·ble e·vent

(pŏ-ten'shăl'e kom-pen'să-bil ĕ'vent) (PCE)
Any event that can pose the risk of financial loss to a health care institution.
Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing © Farlex 2012
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Table 1: Characteristics of Medical Malpractice Incidents at UI Health, 2000-2013 Legal Type Open Closed Total (n = 133) (n = 504) (n = 637) Claim Nonlawsuit 57 (42.9) 200 (39.7) 257 (40.4) Lawsuit 40 (30.1) 167 (33.1) 207 (32.5) Potentially compensable event 36 (27.1) 120 (23.8) 156 (24.5) Respondent in discovery 0 (0) 17 (3.4) 17 (2.7) Note.
We did not count as claims: potentially compensable events, tendered lawsuits, or when medical staff were named as respondents in discovery.
Knowledge of what to do when presented with a foreign claim or potentially compensable event will help field claims offices and JAs provide such service.
Risk management peer review is governed by chapter 13 of Army Regulation 40-68 (1(pp108-113)) and is triggered either by occurrence of a potentially compensable event (PCE), filing of a medical claim, or notification of payment of a claim settlement or award.
Some facilities have potentially compensable event (PCE) reports.
These employees can be case-finders for "potentially compensable events" (PCEs).
* Risk management activities, including assessment of potentially compensable events (PCEs), as detected by incident reports and occurrence screens.

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