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Appealing to the work of Lothar Schafer, I then explore this analogy in a way that understands spirit as the realm of potentiality and body as the realm of actualization, emphasizing that potential or virtual states are just as much a part of reality as occupied states in quantum physics; thus analogously all our potential, including what is unfulfilled, remains part of the reality of who we are as persons.
Utilizing Debord and Warburg, Murray considers that cinema in particular is able to disrupt the smooth narratives of history and reveal what is understood to be the potentiality of gesture.
In chapters 2-7, the concept of potentiality leads first to a study of several student writers, then to a discussion of William Butler Yeats.
Through the works of major thinkers and literary authors, from Heidegger, Benjamin, Bataille, and Derrida to Kafka, Blanchot, Leopardi, Caproni, and Agamben among many others, he thus investigates the implications of a discourse on ontology and temporality which, with its discontinuities and heterogeneity, substantiates the very capacity for openness and plurality that characterizes potentiality.
For men who work in the diving industry, I really think there is a high potentiality for problems there," she said.
4) This metaphysic begins with the unbridgeable divide between God's pure actuality and the pure potentiality of matter.
And his national scale research, written up in the book Toward a Democratic Left, suggested through a very sophisticated design and empirical assemblage, the structure of real political potentiality and the immense work required for its actualization in electoral politics.
The objective of this paper is to make an assessment of the expansion potentiality of service sector which accounts the value added of each industry originating from service sector in total value added produced by service sector in the Indian economy during the period 1968-69-1998-99.
God could have created a world in evolution, which in itself does not take anything away from divine causality; on the contrary, it can focus on it better as regards its wealth and potentiality.
In The Years and Between the Acts certain passages shed their Greek context and demonstrate new historical potentiality.
What a formulation of this nature brings to the fore is the relation of necessity between, on the one hand, potentiality and the future and, on the other, prohibition and the image (where image is understood in terms of the presence of an identified, and therefore already identifiable, topos).
However, we have established that the two [entities] in a correlation should coincide in existence--if one of them exists in potentiality, the other should also exist in potentiality, and if one of them exists in actuality, the other should also exist in actuality--therefore, what remains is that the existence of time should coincide with the existence of the period in order for both to exist in actuality, [for otherwise] the existence of the period before the time would require a time in the past before it and this goes on ad infinitum.