potential diagnosis

po·ten·ti·al di·ag·no·sis

(pŏ-ten'shăl dī'ăg-nō'sis)
nursing Health problem that may occur because of presence of some risk factors; potential problem.
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"My husband had been sitting with his head in his hands having been handed a potential diagnosis of terminal illness."
Those facing a potential diagnosis or who require mammograms will instead have to travel to Wythenshawe, Macclesfield or Tameside.
It takes an astute cardiologist to match the symptoms with the potential diagnosis.
The law also forbade women from obtaining an abortion if the decision to terminate the pregnancy was based on a diagnosis or "potential diagnosis" of fetal abnormality such as Down syndrome or "any other disability" or due to the race, color, national origin ancestry or sex of the fetus.
It is important that you take a thorough history because the symptoms and previous occurrences can guide you as to what the potential diagnosis could be.
Not only will physicians become more aware of an at-risk patient, but the test allows them to make informed, accurate decisions regarding potential diagnosis and treatment plans.
The potential diagnosis of hydatidiform mole is often made by ultrasound, but histological examination of the evacuated material is essential to confirm the diagnosis.[7] In our case, empty uterus coexisting with high level of [sz]-HCG suggested first an ectopic pregnancy, and gestational trophoblastic disease (GTN) was less probable.
Nasopharyngeal foreign body aspiration is a rare event, but it should be considered as a potential diagnosis in patients presenting with persistent symptoms or new complaints with a positive history of foreign body aspiration.
In the present case, the potential diagnosis included giant cell granuloma, squamous carcinoma, and reactive injury caused by periodontal disease.
Diagnosis of epiploic appendagitis is made challenging by the lack of pathognomonic clinical features and should therefore be considered as a potential diagnosis of exclusion [13].

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