potassium perchlorate

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po·tas·si·um per·chlo·rate

occasionally used, as an alternative to a thiouracil derivative, in the control of hyperthyroidism.
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Fatal complications following use of potassium perchlorate in thyrotoxicosis: report of two cases and a review of the literature.
These values were based on a dated acute exposure study that showed that single doses of potassium perchlorate caused release of iodide from thyroids of patients with Graves disease, an autoimmune condition that results in hyperthyroidism (Stanbury and Wyngaarden 1952).
The company would burn off leftover air bag devices and papers contaminated with the zirconium potassium perchlorate - first in an open tunnel, later in a steel one.
In the United States ammonium perchlorate is used as an oxidizer in solid rocket propellant; sodium perchlorate is used in slurry explosives and potassium perchlorate is used in road flares and air bag inflators.
This creates an annual DoD clean-up liability of >$500M, which does not include costs of restoring soil and water damaged by potassium perchlorate payloads.
Potassium perchlorate (500 mg/L) was found to inhibit fin formation and skin pigment differentiation in early life stages of zebrafish, Danio rerio (Brown 1997), and in a study of adult zebrafish a high level of ammonium perchlorate (18 mg/L) resulted in thyroid hypertrophy, hyperplasia, and colloid depletion after 8 weeks of exposure (Patino et al.
The injured men had been handling zirconium potassium perchlorate, the same chemical involved in a 1999 explosion that left one worker dead and two injured at the company's Newhall facility.
The company sold powdered aluminum, potassium perchlorate, sulfur, M-80 and M-100 tubes, end caps and pre-cut fuses to a customer in Illinois.
Subgroups of these animals were treated for 10 days with a low iodine diet plus 1% potassium perchlorate in their drinking water.
The chemical, zirconium potassium perchlorate - the same involved in an explosion last year, where one employee was killed and two others injured at the company's Newhall facility - is commonly used in air bag production, officials said.
Treatment of thyrotoxicosis (including Graves' disease) with 600-2,000 mg potassium perchlorate (430-1,400 mg perchlorate) daily for periods of several months or longer was once common practice, particularly in Europe (7,8).