potassium chlorate

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po·tas·si·um chlo·rate

mouthwash and gargle used in stomatitis and follicular pharyngitis; it is incompatible in the dry state with all easily oxidizable substances.
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The indicators 2,3'-diphenylamine dicarboxylic acid, diphenylamine sulfonic acid, and diphenylamine were exposed to potassium chlorate to investigate the result as it applies to visual detection and screening.
Potassium chlorate (500 g) was dissolved in 1000 mL of water in a 2000-mL Erlenmeyer flask with heating for 60 min in a boiling water bath, after which 375 mL of perchloric acid was added slowly with constant stirring.
Cruz said government inspectors have not been enforcing a ban on the use of potassium chlorate, a highly unstable chemical compound.
Also, the banned chemical potassium chlorate (primarily used for increasing the sound of the fireworks), which is neither permitted to be used nor can it be stored, was found in large quantity.
IEDs prepared at the dismantled unit also contained rich quantity of potassium chlorate to cause maximum damage as had been witnessed in the recent attacks on motorcade of Inspector General Balochistan police on May 12 late night which left the buildings around blast site severely shattered.
Both of these were improvised low explosive compositions, one made up of ammonium nitrate, potassium and other chemical substances, the other of acetone, nitrocellulose, potassium chlorate, antimony and sulphur.
The German firm of RWS developed a non-corrosive primer in 1901 and the Swiss in 1911 by substituting barium nitrate in place of potassium chlorate. You see, upon ignition, potassium chlorate changes to potassium chloride--a salt very similar in chemical behavior to common table salt, sodium chloride.
The two pipe bombs contained a mixture of potassium chlorate and sulphur (85%) and high explosive RDX & TNT (15%)
The explosives were locally made with potassium chlorate weighing four to six kilograms and ball bearings.
The bomb left in the bike's basket had been assembled in Clara Street, Stoke, by members of the IRA using old clocks and potassium chlorate.
During the raids, police also confiscated dozens of bombs, 12 firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition, dozens of bows and arrows and 5 kilograms of potassium chlorate, he added.
We heated a mix of manganese dioxide and potassium chlorate to produce oxygen, which we collected and tested with a glowing splint.

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