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Impure potassium carbonate.
Synonym(s): pearl-ash
[E. pot-ashes]


(pot'ash?) [Dutch potasschan, pot ashes] Potassium carbonate.
Potash can refer to other salts of potassium as well.
CAS # 584-08-7

caustic potash

Potassium hydroxide.

sulfurated potash

A liver-colored or green-yellow substance made up of potassium thiosulfate and potassium polysulfides and containing 12.8% sulfur as a sulfide; a principal ingredient of white lotion.

potash, potassa

chemically speaking, potassium hydrate, a strong caustic. In farming terms, potassium carbonate as it is mixed into fertilizers to redress a deficiency of potassium in the soil.
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ICL Fertilizers - formerly Cleveland Potash - is one of Teesside's largest employers; most of its 1,100 workers live within a 12-mile radius of Boulby mine, which is the second deepest in Europe.
This report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global potash market for the period 2015-2019.
The mine is expected to contain proven and probable reserves of 160Mt of final potash product at a grade of 29% potassium chloride and 18% of potassium oxide (K2O).
However the prospects for potash prices took a dramatic turn last week as Uralkali broke ranks from BPC and threatened to undercut prices after accusing its partner of selling outside an agreement.
In the report authored by Rabobank's global Food & Agribusiness Research and Advisory, the bank says that the near-term potash market has turned in favor of buyers, giving importers the opportunity to negotiate substantial price discounts for 2013 contracts.
Chairman Jamal al Sarayrah said the results reflected a drop in global demand for potash, a main ingredient for fertiliser, along with a "rise in production costs due to higher electricity, water, fuel prices and wages.
Potash prices: Uralkali believes that currently soft commodity prices are supportive for fertiliser producers, and with India finally signing a potash supply contract in the near future (JuneAugust), the market should be invigorated.
South Boulder has a 100% interest in the Colluli Potash Project in Eritrea and a 100% interest in the Duketon Gold Project in Western Australia.
Failing to provide silage leys with enough potash and sulphur can lead to very expensive and poor quality forage.
The report recommended a "buy" rating due to the prospect for strong potash prices for the foreseeable future and Passport Potash's focus on better defining the level of commercially-extractable potash deposits in its Holbrook Basin properties.
A large portion of Grizzly's 100% owned MAIM potash permits exist in close proximity to or directly contain areas that are underlain by potash bearing beds within the uppermost portion of the Prairie Evaporite Formation.
Canadian mineral explorers are competing for capital amid heightened international interest in potash, a form of potassium used by farmers to boost crop yields and protect plants from disease.