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testing procedures for upright posture, balance, and sense of equilibrium, done with the patient standing on a force platform.
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dynamic posturography

a measurement of postural stability under varying visual and proprioceptive inputs.
Synonym(s): posturography
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dy·nam·ic pos·tur·og·raphy

(dī-nam'ik pos'chŭr-og'ră-fē)
A measurement of postural stability under varying visual and proprioceptive inputs.
Synonym(s): posturography.
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(pos″chŭr-og′ră-fē) [ posture + -graphy]
Any of several techniques that measure body stability, balance, and control when a person is standing still (static posturography) or in motion (dynamic posturography).
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Computerized dynamic posturography (CDP) and rotary chair test are also prefered by most of the doctors due to their precise results.
Given the gait disturbances in this disorder, we aimed to evaluate the balance and fall risk with static posturography in patients with CM.
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In spite of recent improvements in our knowledge and assessments in vertigo, VNG, VEMP, posturography, and radiology, many aspects in equilibrium disorders are still unclear, and their treatments are more often symptomatic or empirical than etiological.
Methodology in study of gait Record of locomotion Movie, video Position sensor Goniometer Analysis of Gait EMG of leg & trunk muscles Floor reaction forces Foot trace Treadmill Ambulatory gait record with pressure sensitive insoles Center of foot pressure on standing Posturography Brain activity imaging at rest or during walking PET SPECT Table 3.
The patients were evaluated with Video Head Impulse Test (vHIT) and Computerized Dynamic Posturography and their results were recorded.
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Similarly, in his retrospective study, Jung has obtained findings that reflect vestibulospinal abnormalities in the VM patient group in dynamic posturography (29).
Wspolczynniki korelacji miedzy wynikami badan pacjentow (N = 131) poradni audiologicznej* Wspolczynnik korelacji Spearmana Test Spearman correlation coefficient wiek pacjenta DHI CC TUG Posturografia statyczna / patient's age Static posturography test 1 0,20 test 2 test 3 0,30 0,19 test 4 0,28 VNG refleksywnos?