postural tremor

pos·tur·al trem·or

tremor present when the limbs or trunk are kept in certain positions and when they are moved actively, usually due to near-synchronous rhythmic bursts in opposing muscle groups.
Synonym(s): static tremor
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Achilles deep tendon reflexes were examined bilaterally, and Romberg test performance, tandem gait, and postural tremor were assessed.
Birlesik Parkinson Hastaligi Degerlendirme Olcegi III Motor Alt Olcegi (BPHDOM-III): Konusma, yuz ifadesi, parmak vurma, el hareketleri, elin pronsasyon ve supinasyonu, ayak vurma, bacak hareketleri, sandalyeden kalkma, postur, genel spontanlik, ellerde postural tremor, ellerde kinetik tremor, ellerde istirahat tremoru, tremorun devamliligi parametrelerinin degerlendirildigi bir testtir.
Postural tremor of moderate amplitude present in at least one arm
Ayrica 45 hastanin 25'inde (%55) disdiadokinezi, 23'unde (%51) dizartri, 17'sinde (%37) bradikinezi ve 14'unde (%31) postural tremor saptanmistir (13).
A viscoelastic-mass mechanism as a basis for normal postural tremor.
Corticosteroid-responsive postmalaria encephalopathy characterized by motor aphasia, myoclonus, and postural tremor.
Several other factors can also help differentiate DIP from PD, including: subacute onset, bilateral features, more postural tremor than resting tremor, and the presence of other extrapyramidal signs.
1) Tremor that persists during movement may be a contributing factor to the observed impairment in manual dexterity; even though it is resting tremor, not action or postural tremor, that is typically associated with PD.
A postural tremor happens when holding a position against gravity, such as standing with arms outstretched.
Benign Essential Tremor (BET) is classified as a postural tremor, worst when arms are outstretched.
Postural tremor istemli olarak yercekimine karsi bir pozisyonun surdurulmesi sirasinda belirmektedir.