postural balance

postural balance,

n optimally distributed body mass relative to the force of gravity.
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1,2) The performance of high-level motor tasks in ballet involves simultaneous mastery of static and dynamic postural balance.
Objectives: This study aims to investigate the potential relationship between joint laxity and postural balance by using tetra-ataxiometric posturography (Tetrax[R]).
Evaluation of dynamic postural balance using the Biodex Stability System in rheumatoid arthritis patients.
7,8,19,24,25 They spend long hours every day in front of their computer screens engrossed in stressful mental work, which, if not given consideration to proper precautions, may lead to debilitating consequences, such as pain, paraesthesia, subjective weakness in upper extremity,26 decreased conduction velocity in peripheral nerves,26 and even disturbances in the postural balance.
The exercises used in this type of training tend to stimulate the proprioceptive systems and nerve centers on which depend the postural balance adjustment (Cocucci, Boni, 2005).
7,8) They have not been able to conclusively prove the effect of Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction on the proprioceptive function because an important functional component of proprioceptive function postural balance has not been extensively researched.
It is established that somatic afferent information from the neck, particularly the upper cervical spine, converges with vestibular and visual inputs on central nervous system (CNS) nuclei involved in processing and integration of postural balance inputs.
Postural balance in women with osteoporosis and effective factors.
Exercising the muscles of the body--including those that affect postural balance and flexibility in movement--contribute to efficacious voice use.