postural analysis

postural analysis (psˑ·chl ·nalˑ··sis),

n in chiropractic, the process of evaluating a patient's positioning of his or her body and limbs to determine directly observable physical abnormalities.
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Conducting various body analysis including range of motion testing, metabolic measurements and postural analysis.
Postural analysis in time and frequency domains in patients with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.
Thus, in clinical practice, it is important to embrace both points to the complete postural analysis of the head.
The assessment technique is the bipodal photogrammetric postural analysis protocol described by the Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil [16].
The postural graph or the Global Postural System (GPS) is a postural analysis system that uses advanced techniques and non-invasive methods of diagnosis and evaluation in medical recovery.
Postural analysis can be a powerful technique for assessing work activities as the risk of musculoskeletal injury is associated with the posture (Kee and Karwowski, 2007).
Before the class starts, a basic postural analysis is available from tutor Sarah Elizabeth Hearn, who also covers lessons at the The Royal Ballet School.
2) The ASIS is particularly important in postural analysis.
These services include: chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, postural analysis, and more.
The postural analysis was performed in a static, standing position with hands at the subjects' sides and the bare feet about 20-30cm apart in a typical and comfortable stance.
The pair, who boast an impressive list of qualifications between them including pre and post natal exercise, advanced resistance training, sports massage, postural analysis and nutrition, say they identified the need for a more flexible service while working as personal trainers.
The team has registered RMTs on site and provides services supplementing chiropractic care such as acupuncture, postural analysis and massage therapy.