postural alignment

pos·tur·al a·lign·ment

(pos'chŭr-ăl ă-līn'mĕnt)
Maintenance of biomechanical integrity among body parts.
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Earlier studies suggested that proper seated position is the main goal to normalise the muscular tone, improving the optimal function,10 sustaining postural alignment, inhibiting deformities and promoting stability.11 It was proposed that adaptive equipment which is provided to CP children should be custom ised indivi dually according to the child's functional and contextual needs.12 Some studies advocated making the child seated upright, while other studies advised to practice forward inclined position13 and some researchers were in favour of reclined positions for postural control.7 It is documented that appropriate positioning of CP children is essential to facilitate the functional activities, performance and environmental participation.
It was conceived as a system of gentle but challenging physical fitness based on stretching and postural alignment, and is especially noted for helping strengthen the core abdominal muscles that help to support and stabilize the spine.
This program includes Hatha yoga postures, techniques and sequences for flexibility, strength, postural alignment, increased energy, and overall health.
In addition to a concise, clear explanation of the cartilages and muscles in the larynx, the author shows the roles of laryngeal elevators and depressors, and how their position is determined by postural alignment. Again, Friedlander encourages readers to assess their own alignment, identify distortion patterns, and reference exercises found in later chapters to resolve imbalances.
Over time, the combination of postural alignment, core work and stabilizing the muscles results in improved coordination and control over the body.
This leads us to conclude that while dance class alone does not significantly affect postural alignment, supplementing dance training with Pilates training might.
"These desks help improve postural alignment and reduce unhealthy positions associated with prolonged sitting.
If your hips are in good postural alignment with your shoulders, then you will be a much better driver according to the principle of biomechanics.
Using the supporting hammock encourages proper postural alignment through relaxation rather than effort.
The self-exposure to experiments with body stabilization, postural alignment and higher awareness can be an effective first step toward establishing a solid pedagogical foundation.
Proper postural alignment when sitting and standing allows efficient work with minimal fatigue and strain on body ligaments and muscles.
Given that individuals with PD tend to have anteriorly biased postural alignment and often demonstrate difficulty shifting their weight backwards, researchers expected that the LOS endpoint excursion to posterior targets would be significantly reduced compared to healthy controls.