postural alignment

pos·tur·al a·lign·ment

(pos'chŭr-ăl ă-līn'mĕnt)
Maintenance of biomechanical integrity among body parts.
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Using the supporting hammock encourages proper postural alignment through relaxation rather than effort.
The self-exposure to experiments with body stabilization, postural alignment and higher awareness can be an effective first step toward establishing a solid pedagogical foundation.
Previous studies showed that Pilates exercises performed by healthy individuals for 12 months corrected the postural alignment, enhanced the balance17, and improved life and sleep quality.
Topics include postural alignment, artistry and performance, hearing and singing, and working with the professional singer.
Several subjects also discussed the importance of postural alignment to avoid unnecessary tension in the body.
Exercise is being described as the new drug, and in particular Pilates is being prescribed by more and more GPs as either an alternative to drugs or as a complementary therapy, says Mary Huckle "It also has proven benefits for sufferers of neurological conditions, as well as the more common postural alignment benefits, for example, improving lower back pain and in certain cases, even avoiding surgery.
Ferrand [10] conceptualizes speech as a complex motor activity by which oral, laryngeal, and respiratory structures produce sound patterns, whose production can be influenced by a good postural alignment and permanent self-correction and proprioception of the body scheme [8].
As the weight of the baby shifts your postural alignment, the spine can begin to sway painfully.
Where most books on yoga merely touch on the subject of postural alignment and practice sequencing, I wrote and illustrated 'The Yoga Technique Guide' to thoroughly define all aspects of both subjects," adds Mr.
Positions are clearly demonstrated, so they are easy to follow, and instructors can help guide you into perfect postural alignment.