posttraumatic stress syndrome

post·trau·mat·ic stress syn·drome

a disorder appearing after a physically or psychologically traumatic event outside the range of usual human experience, (for example, a serious threat to one's life or seeing a loved one killed), characterized by symptoms of reexperiencing the event (that is, flashbacks), numbing of responsiveness to the environment, exaggerated startle response, guilt feelings, impairment of memory, and difficulties in concentration and sleep.
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Nav suffered a mild brain trauma injury, lower back pain and nerve damage, damage to his left hip, loss of hearing in his right ear as well as posttraumatic stress syndrome.
Security professionals and public safety dispatchers represent a growing body of professionals who are at high-risk for developing posttraumatic stress syndrome (PTSD).
The founder of the Integrative Restoration Institute and co-founder of The International Association of Yoga Therapy, Miller's program of iRest Yoga Nidra has been used at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to help active-duty service members and veterans heal their posttraumatic stress syndrome.
Yesterday, the killer's family said he had posttraumatic stress syndrome after witnessing the 9/11 attack in New York.
She used the grant to run a study day about posttraumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) in mothers, and to produce some educational resources.
Posttraumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) is most commonly associated with soldiers and war, but Kelsey Beals and Dr.
Bradley claimed she suffered "significant injury" to her wrist as well as posttraumatic stress syndrome.
Invalided out of the Somme with "trench fever" - what we now know as posttraumatic stress syndrome - he still insisted on returning to the front-line.
These results suggest that morphine "may be a first-line defense against the development of posttraumatic stress syndrome," Dr.
Contributors discuss studies of such stressors as depression, sleep disturbances, poor nutrition, and posttraumatic stress syndrome and the prevention and treatment implications for heart, neurodegenerative, and other chronic disorders.
Many veterans are prone to things like chronic pain, posttraumatic stress syndrome, and depression, and there is a push within Veterans Affairs to get mental health providers integrated into the primary care setting," he said at the annual meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine.
Those expressing sadness reported higher levels of posttraumatic stress syndrome symptoms from two to six months after 9/11.