postthrombotic syndrome

post·throm·bot·ic syn·drome

a syndrome that follows a vascular thrombosis. Term is usually used to indicate difficulties, such as persistent edema, following venous thrombosis.
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Determinants and Time Course of the Postthrombotic Syndrome after Acute Deep Venous Thrombosis.
But no cases of postthrombotic syndrome have ever been reported following a knee arthroscopy.
A combination of obstruction and valve incompetence is responsible for the most severe cases of the postthrombotic syndrome.
Conducted at eight hospital centres in Quebec and Ontario, the two-year study suggests that apart from the well-known risks of pulmonary embolism, DVT patients also face postthrombotic syndrome (PTS), a long-term complication that is not addressed by traditional treatment approaches like blood thinners.
Conventional anticoagulation therapy may not address the risk for recurrent DVTs and postthrombotic syndrome in these women, Dr.
Thrombolysis reduces damage to vascular endothelium, restores venous patency early, and reduces the risk of postthrombotic syndrome.
Tye, who said that conventional anticoagulation therapy may not address the risk for recurrent DVTs and postthrombotic syndrome in these women.
Recent studies have shown significant complications of UED VT, including pulmonary embolism and postthrombotic syndrome.
While this therapy reduces the risk of fatal pulmonary embolism and further blood clot formation, the underlying blood clot may remain and cause permanent vein damage and postthrombotic syndrome.
Relationship between deep venous thrombosis and the postthrombotic syndrome.
Women who develop DVT during pregnancy can be safely and effectively treated with thrombolysis while pregnant, thereby avoiding both the acute danger of pulmonary embolism and the risk of long-term complications of postthrombotic syndrome that can make their legs painful and swollen and can eventually disrupt their lives.
Thrombolysis has been advocated as an adjunct to anticoagulant treatment for iliofemoral DVT by certain medical societies because the procedure is very effective at reducing postthrombotic syndrome.