postpartum estrus

post·par·tum es·trus

estrus with ovulation and corpus luteum production that occurs in some animals (for example, the fur seal) immediately following the birth of the young.
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(2008) reported that ovulation during the first postpartum estrus was seen at 6 to 12 days post partum.
In March, a female in captivity gave birth to three pups and the vaginal smear taken in the following day showed estrous features, thus representing a postpartum estrus (Fig.
Analysis of variance (One-Way ANOVA), in conjunction with Tukey's test, was applied to analyze whether there were significant differences (p < 0.05) on hormonal levels during pregnancy; and between the number of suckled offspring and the postpartum estrus period.
Happold and Happold (1990) identified in African bats 10 strategies, considering the presence or absence of postpartum estrus: strictly seasonal monoestry, long-term seasonal monoestry, non-seasonal monoestry, bimodal polyestry with postpartum estrus, bimodal seasonal polyestry, continuous and bimodal polyestry with postpartum estrus, multimodal seasonal polyestry with postpartum estrus, multimodal continuous polyestry with postpartum estrus, multimodal continuous polyestry without postpartum estrus, and non-seasonal polyestry.
To assess the interval from calving to first postpartum estrus, data of mounting activity were collected by Heat-Watch[R] mount detectors (Ddx Inc Denver, CO, USA) fitted to all cows in the study at the initiation of the experiment.
The animal although exhibited postpartum estrus, became a chronic repeat breeder and conceived after 7-8 cycles and delivered a normal male calf subsequently 20 months later.
Fertility and Open Days and Their Relation With Associated Factors With the First Postpartum Estrus in Crossbred Dual Purpose Cows.
Puerperal uterine soundness is essential for early establishment of postpartum estrus cyclicity (Tiwari et al., 2004).
Effect of biostimulation on uterine involution, early ovarian activity and first postpartum estrus cycle in beef cows.
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