postpartum contraception

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postpartum contraception

The use of hormone therapies or mechanical means of contraception after delivery.

Patient care

Women who have no risk factors for blood clotting may safely begin or resume hormonal contraception 21 days after delivery. Women who have risk factors for venous thromboembolism (such as a prior blood clot in the legs, pelvis or lungs, age over 35 years, cardiomyopathy, a history of smoking, postpartum hemorrhage, or cesarean delivery should delay hormonal contraception for at least 42 days.

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One particularly interactive and fun session is that which focuses on postpartum contraception. Large, laminated cards bear the names of all methods of contraception, including hormonal and non-hormonal methods.
Most importantly, it can also identify weaknesses in training, equipment, and supplies and contribute to improving the health of the population through the provision of effective postpartum contraception.
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Although the six-week check-up is the visit designated for discussion of postpartum contraception, a minority of women actually return to health centers for this appointment.