(pōst-ō′vyə-lə-tôr′ē, -ŏv′yə-)
Of or occurring in the period shortly after ovulation.
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The postovulatory rise of progesterone triggers profound changes in the epithelial cells, stromal cells and the matrix and blood vessels of the endometrium (47).
19-23) Normally, postovulatory yolk follicles are passed into the infundibulum of the oviduct.
Two quantitative approaches were used to estimate the spawning frequency of Southern Kingfish: 1) the percentage of fish in the spawning-capable phase with or without a 24-h postovulatory follicle (POF) complex (hereafter termed the POF method) and 2) the percentage of fish undergoing oocyte maturation (OM) (Hunter and Macewicz, 1985) (hereafter termed the OM method).
Among women, IBS is most prevalent during the menstruation years, with symptoms being the most severe during the postovulatory and premenstrual phases.
Our previous studies have revealed that postovulatory aging and maternal diabetes mellitus can alter DNA methylation patterns in DMRs of some imprinted genes in oocytes (Ge et al.
secondary vitellogenic oocyte (Vo2), postvitellogenic oocyte (Pvo), postovulatory follicles, and atresia.
Medullary bone was found in 80% of pre-laying (without evidence of postovulatory follicles) and 100% of laying (either with oviducal egg or evidence of postovulatory follicles) female Brown-headed Cowbirds examined (Ankney and Scott 1980).
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