(pōst-ō′vyə-lə-tôr′ē, -ŏv′yə-)
Of or occurring in the period shortly after ovulation.
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Iteroparity has been also documented in Vampyroteuthis infernalis, the evidence of which was based on adult specimens where postovulatory follicles were present, indicating previous spawning (Hoving et al.
Ovarian follicular atresia and postovulatory regression in mammals is mediated by apoptosis, which is a natural occurring cause of cellular death.
For the second method, we used the reciprocal of the total number of females with postovulatory follicles (POFs) [less than or equal to] 24 h that were observed in the ovary divided by the number of spawning capable females.
The aims of the present study were to compare the pregnancy outcomes between preovulatory and postovulatory IUI to study the pregnancy outcomes between such timing of hCG and IUI.
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