postoperative hemorrhage

postoperative hemorrhage,

n unexpected and abnormal (excessive) bleeding following surgery.
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In conclusion, our study found that while the relatively new PlasmaBlade was associated with significantly less blood loss and fewer sutures, it provided no significant advantages in terms of tonsillar fossa healing, postoperative pain, and postoperative hemorrhage.
I was reminded of his previous editorial that recommended administering intravenous (IV) oxytocin to postcesarean delivery patients for about 6 to 8 hours to reduce the risk of postoperative hemorrhage.
We demonstrated that the roles of VEGF and CD34 extended to the assessment of risk of preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative hemorrhage in gastric cancer patients.
Tests performed by anesthesia unit before surgical operations are important in the diagnosis of rare bleeding disorders, because one of the most common findings in this group of patients is postoperative hemorrhage (5, 9).
Costs of excessive postoperative hemorrhage in cardiac surgery.
Comment: Postoperative hemorrhage and pain are common complications of tonsillectomy.
2 hours after the development of the postoperative hemorrhage.
It is also helpful in massive broad ligament hematoma, in torn vessels retracted within the broad ligament, and even in postoperative hemorrhage after abdominal or vaginal hysterectomy where there are no definitive bleeding points detectable.
It is very painful, and child may manipulate the painful operative site, resulting in postoperative hemorrhage or infection.
001 fracture #9 Postoperative hemorrhage 0 ([dagger]) 0 0 or hematoma #10 Postoperative 0 ([dagger]) 0 0 physiologic and metabolic derangement # 11 Postoperative 0 ([dagger]) 0 0 respiratory failure #12 Postoperative pulmonary 0.

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