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A portmanteau of pomo, short for postmodernism, and sexual, used as a noun—a person who shuns labels (e.g., heterosexual and homosexual, which define people by their sexual preferences)—and as an adjective, referring to such a person or to the philosophy of pomosexuality
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Put them together and, I am afraid, the First Postmodern World War is likely to continue for a while longer.
For Jernigan, these two works bear many of the traits of postmodern theater and are held up as evidence of Stoppard's early postmodern inclinations after which he retrenched into progressively modernist techniques and philosophy.
To Toynbee the postmodern age based on irrationality, uncertainty and anarchy in thoughts and feelings, symbolizes the end of the "modern age" of Western society.
But back in 1998 I was Mr Postmodern Ironic and bad was most definitely good.
Another important line of thought emerging in different ways from a variety of postmodern thinkers is the dissolution of the unity of the human person.
Hogue reads Vizenor's trickster narrative as representative of the postmodern state of being that features chance, play, difference, relativity, and nonclosure.
While he admits that the evidence still allows for an eventual monolatry in ancient Israel, if not Yahwistic normativity, the postmodern interpretive slant (with which he does not disagree) is a suspicion of the biblical narrative's marginalization of goddesses or other forms of worship.
For example, in her essay "Troubling Jewish Identity in Postmodern American Theater," Jan Lewis sees postmodernism as a useful way of challenging "reductive essentialisms," about the nature of Jewishness.
Consequently, this book is not mere explication of postmodern ideas, though that does happen.
While postmodern dance first erupted with Judson Dance Theater in the early 1960s, it was eventually recognized as part of the flow of dance history.
These same postmodern e-trends can also be seen in television coverage of politics on the two major national stations, TVJ and CVM.
For the oceanic chaos of creation will, if left to itself, wash out meaning, drown us in its postmodern indeterminacy and undecidability, flood out our constructions and our communities in the interest of an infinite multiplicity.