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In dentistry, a dowel or pin inserted into the root canal of a natural tooth as an attachment for an artificial crown.
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A job, especially one held by a doctor or skilled health professional.

A popular “short form” for postmortem examination.
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Neurology A clinical trial–
1. Posterior Stroke Trial.
2. Potassium-channel Opening Stroke Trial.
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1. A dental procedure in which an elongated projection is fitted and cemented within the prepared root canal; serves to strengthen and retain restorative material and/or a crown restoration.
2. Device used in some dental implantation procedures.
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In dentistry, dowel or pin inserted into root canal of a natural tooth as an attachment for an artificial crown.
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Q. Help for/with post-polio problems

A. Clemon -you'll have to be more specific on what kind of help do you ask for. you seek info? seek other people suffering from post-polio? what?
all i can do is give you a good link about it with some info..hope that what you look for:

Q. I am worried how safe the operation would be and the post surgery complications? My wife has a cyst in her right breast and further tests are going on. Doctors have advised to go for an operation. I am worried how safe the operation would be and the post surgery complications?

A. My friend, surgery for the cyst in breast is common. Any cyst in breast indicates breast cancer. These surgeries are very safe. Initially they used to cut the complete breast to remove the cyst. Now with the advanced technology, only the cyst would be removed without harming other tissues. Rather complete removal is done these days, but that depend upon the severity of the cancer. These surgeries are proven with results. If the cyst is less they will remove only the affected portion and yes they do remove some nearby tissues because there some cancer cells may lay and can arrive again. For any post surgery complications, chemotherapy treatment is also available.

Q. Is beer a good post-workout drink? We have an argument here within our friends. Please settle our argument. Is beer a good post-workout drink?

A. no, beer is not good for you after a workout.

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* the postmark must reflect a legible date within the timely filing period,
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This service was not fisted as a designated PDS in Notice 2004-83, the notice in effect at the time he filed the petition; therefore, the taxpayer was unable to have the shipping date, i.e., the date on which the petition was given to FedEx, treated as the postmark date for purposes of Sec.
Winners were given $1,000 (Dh3,670) for the winning stamp design, and $500 for the selected postmark design.
Postmark Apartments is the latest addition to Harbor Point, a 322-acre waterfront peninsula just south of the Stamford Train Station and minutes from downtown Stamford that has been transformed into a dynamic transit-oriented, mixed-use community by Building and Land Technology.
Using a rubber stamp, he postmarked the stamp, which depicted two astronauts on a lunar rover - similar to him and his Apollo 15 crewmate Jim Irwin - and commemorated the "US in Space ...
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Youngsters were given the opportunity to design a postmark which will be seen by over three million people.