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; posting; wedges additional material added to a positive cast of the foot prior to orthotic manufacture (i.e. intrinsic posts) or to the orthotic shell (i.e. extrinsic posts) to correct or reduce inherent pathomechanical features within lower limb and/or foot (see Table 1)
Table 1: Types of posts that may be added to functional orthoses
Post typeRationale
Forefoot postsPost (extrinsic/intrinsic/combination of both) to improve medial-column stability; posting degree/type is dictated by angle between plantar aspects of forefoot and heel, available ranges of motion and level of control sought
Extrinsic posts are added to the undersurface of the distal part of the orthotic shell, in effect 'bringing the ground up to the foot' and allowing foot to function in its natural orientation to ground and lower limb, whilst accommodating/resolving symptoms of the biomechanical problem
Intrinsic posts are added to the cast of the foot to allow the orthosis, made to the adapted cast, to alter the angulation of the medial column in relation to the ground surface. An intrinsically posted orthotic allows the forefoot to come down toward the ground surface during gait and resolves the biomechanical problem by modifying foot function
Bar postPost (2-5 mm thick) added to the underside of distal part of orthotic to create greater lateral column stability
Rearfoot postsExtrinsic rearfoot post; post dimension is dictated by the angle between calcaneal bisection and midline of lower leg, and the level of control sought
Blake post aligns distal edge of forefoot to parallel with undersurface of extrinsic rearfoot post, imposing considerable rearfoot control

Note: Functional orthoses are made to casts of the foot in subtalar neutral (i.e. point in the gait cycle when the midtarsal area is at its most stable).


the rising of the rider to the trot.

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Q. I am worried how safe the operation would be and the post surgery complications? My wife has a cyst in her right breast and further tests are going on. Doctors have advised to go for an operation. I am worried how safe the operation would be and the post surgery complications?

A. My friend, surgery for the cyst in breast is common. Any cyst in breast indicates breast cancer. These surgeries are very safe. Initially they used to cut the complete breast to remove the cyst. Now with the advanced technology, only the cyst would be removed without harming other tissues. Rather complete removal is done these days, but that depend upon the severity of the cancer. These surgeries are proven with results. If the cyst is less they will remove only the affected portion and yes they do remove some nearby tissues because there some cancer cells may lay and can arrive again. For any post surgery complications, chemotherapy treatment is also available.

Q. Is beer a good post-workout drink? We have an argument here within our friends. Please settle our argument. Is beer a good post-workout drink?

A. no, beer is not good for you after a workout.

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