postglenoid foramen

post·gle·noid fo·ra·men

a small foramen that is sometimes present in the temporal bone immediately in front of the external acoustic meatus.
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The carotid circulation is primitive, an alisphenoid strut is present, and the subsquamosal fenestra is large (but smaller than the postglenoid foramen).
caucae the postglenoid foramen runs anteroposteriorly and the sulcus of prootic sinus is ventrally exposed.
These three species share the following three morphological traits that have yet to be analyzed in a broad phylogenetic context: 1) at least in males, all three species have both anterior and posterior accessory cusps on their upper canines; 2) the subsquamosal foramen is anteroposteriorly elongated, exposing a large area of the petrosal bone behind the sulcus of the prootic sinus; and 3) the postglenoid foramen runs posteromedially so that the sulcus of the prootic sinus is not exposed in ventral view.
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