Neuter of posterior.
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non quia ipsae nuptiae vel talium damnandae iudicantur, sed damnatur propositi fraus, damnatur fracta voti fides, damnatur non susceptio a bono inferiore, sed ruina ex bono superiore; postremo damnantur tales, non quia coniugalem fidem posterius inierunt, sed quia continentiae primam fidem irritam fecerunt...
Tertio facit idem prius et posterius sicut causam et causatum".
The former asks about how that thing over there in the real world becomes unified, velcroed per posterius, whereas the latter's logic and rational psychology begin with the basic question of what it is at all, per prius et posterius.
3 (I, 323): <<Spiritus sanctus est primum donum; sed omne posterius ad prius reduritur: ...
Xinjiangchelys latimarginalis (Young and Chow, 1953)): absence of basipterygoid process, absence of paired pits on the ventral surface of the basisphenoid; foramen jugulare posterius not formed in bone.
(1) He referred to this abnormality as embryotoxon corneae posterius. This gray-white line was later identified histologically as the prominence of Schwalbe's line.