posterior wall of stomach

pos·te·ri·or wall of stom·ach

that part of the gastric wall that faces the omental bursa.
Synonym(s): paries posterior gastris [TA]
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1B: Anvil of the circular stapler placed in the duodenum (blue arrow); 1C: passing the shaft of circular stapler through the open end of the stomach closer to the greater curvature;1D: Firing of the stapler to create side-to-end gastroduodenal anastomosis between posterior wall of stomach and end of the duodenum; 1E: Closure of the open end of stomach with a linear cutter; 1F: Intraoperative photograph showing the stapled side-to-end gastroduodenal anastomosis (yellow arrow); 1G: Intraoperative photograph showing the closed cut end of the stomach (yellow arrows) which has been inverted with interrupted sero-muscular stitches.
Pancreaticogastric anastomoses in our cases was undertaken as; Pancreatic stump was anastomosed with posterior wall of stomach. After preparing the pancreatic stump, anterior capsule of pancreas was sutured with posterior wall of stomach, using 3.0 PDS interrupted sutures.
High resolution computed tomography (HRCT) scan chest done revealed a hypodense area measuring 3x4.1cm along the posterior wall of stomach, bulging into the stomach lumen (fig-1).
A 11 x 10 cm mass was also noted in the retroperitoneum posterior to head of pancreas, attached to posterior wall of stomach and involving the duodenum.
CT demonstrated a large well defined soft tissue attenuation mass showing central necrotic area and homogeuous nodular enhancement in lesser sac in relation to posterior wall of stomach suggesting possibility of GIST.
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