posterior walker

pos·ter·i·or walk·er

(pos-tē'rē-ŏr wawk'ĕr)
Ambulatory assistance device oriented with the open aspect of the device in front of the user. It promotes upright posture in children who require assistance with ambulation.
Synonym(s): postural walker.
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The severe tightness in Lily's legs means she cannot place her feet flat on the floor and she must use a posterior walker, which she can only manage on flat, even surfaces.
Joining the other products in Otto Bock Health Care's pediatric mobility product portfolio--the Kimba tilt & recline system, the Bugsy posterior walker, and the Spee-Dee gait trainer--the Lisa shares attributes that are the hallmarks of our products: durability, design, and positioning components for each child's specific needs.
She uses a posterior walker, but she can only manage on flat even surfaces, and must be closely supervised as she frequently trips over her own feet and falls," said Joanne.
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