posterior vitreous detachment

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posterior vitreous detachment



Separation of the vitreous gel from the retinal surface, often as a result of aging or diabetes mellitus.
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OBJECTIVES OF PHARMACOLOGIC VITREOLYSIS: Goal of pharmacologic vitreolysis is to cleave vitreoretinal junction thereby inducing posterior vitreous detachment and to liquefy vitreous gel.
Prevalence of vitreomacular interface disorders detected with optical coherence tomography Vitreomacular Interface Pathologies PVD 2.5% VMA 7.5% VMT 0.0% ERM 30.0% FTMH 0.0% LMH 0.6% Pseudohole 0.0% None 60.4% PVD: Posterior vitreous detachment, VMA: Vitreomacular adhesion, VMT: Vitreomacular traction.
ULTRA SOUND B-SCAN FINDINGS: Out of 23 positive cases, 5 (2.5%) had retinal detachment, 5 (2.5%) had posterior vitreous detachment 6 (3.9%) had vitreous hemorrhage, 2 (1%) were asteroid hyalosis, while posterior staphyloma and intraocular foreign body were found with frequency of 2 (1%) and 1 (0.5%) respectively.
Optic disc hemorrhages in posterior vitreous detachment. Aust N Z J Ophthalmol.
It showed 9 patients had posterior vitreous detachment (PVD), 8 had posterior capsule rupture, 2 patients had Retinal Detachment, 2 had Vitreous Hemorrhage.
Posterior vitreous detachment (PVD), the release of the vitreous cortex from the internal limiting membrane, is a normal physiologic process related to the aging eye.
The various intraocular lesions diagnosed on B Scan imaging were cataract in 25(50%) cases, dislocated lens in 2(4%) cases, vitreous hemorrhage in 20(40%) cases, posterior vitreous detachment in 5(10%) cases, retinal detachment in 13(26%) cases, foreign body in 2(4%) cases.
After trauma it could be easier waiting at least 2 weeks for a posterior vitreous detachment before performing a vitrectomy but it is not always possible for the ocular lesions correlated and the young age of patients whose vitreous is tenaciously adherent to the retina.
Posterior vitreous detachment 5 5% 4 Coloboma of choroid and disc 2 2% 5 Vitreous hemorrhage 1 1% 6.
All vitreous structures undergo characteristic changes with ageing, including progressive liquefaction and, in some cases, posterior vitreous detachment.

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