posterior vitrectomy

pos·te·ri·or vi·trec·to·my

removal of the posterior cortical vitreous; sometimes the preretinal membranes are removed.
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Bipolar erazer with lemo type connector, bipolar cable with lemos type connector, endocoagulation tip, basic kit for posterior vitrectomy, packaging for automated input / output of viscous liquids not put up in syringes
Contract notice: Provide posterior vitrectomy kits and kit combined phaco with placement of equipment for chlc, epe for the year 2017.
Kits posterior vitrectomy and phaco combined kit with placement equipamento.
Tenders are invited for Posterior vitrectomy machine
Tenders are invited for supply and installation of the various equipments/items : Cold Storage for keeping dead bodies 2 bodies, NST/Cardiotocogram/ Fetal monitor/CTG, Hysteroscopy set, Electronic carbondioxide insufflator, Resectoscope, Diagnostic Laproscopy set, Ultrasound, Portable Ultrasound, Flexible Bronchoscope Anaesthesia, Upper GI Endoscope, Colonoscope, Multi channel Monitor, OT Table, Pedestal Light, Electrosurgical Unit, Non Invasive Multipara monitor, Carbon dioxide monitor, Infusion pump, Applanation Tonometer, ND Yag Laser, Fundus Camera, OCT, Operative Microscope with camera, Phaco emulsification with posterior vitrectomy & NIBP monitor/ pulse oximete
Tenders are invited for Supply of Posterior Vitrectomy Machine (Qty.
Object of the contract includes materials disposable ophthalmic surgeries and accessories to perform posterior vitrectomy using a camera purchased by the Purchaser to the vitrectomy - 6700 ASSOCIATE Company Dorc Internacional bv
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