posterior synechia

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 [sĭ-nek´e-ah] (Gr.)
adhesion, as of the iris to the cornea or the lens.
annular synechia adhesion of the whole rim of the iris to the lens.
anterior synechia adhesion of the iris to the cornea.
posterior synechia adhesion of the iris to the capsule of the lens or to the surface of the vitreous body.
total synechia adhesion of the whole surface of the iris to the lens.
synechia vul´vae a congenital condition in which the labia minora are sealed in the midline, with only a small opening below the clitoris through which urination and menstruation may occur.
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pos·te·ri·or sy·nech·i·a

adhesion of the iris to the capsule of the lens.
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posterior synechia

An adhesion of the iris to the capsule of the lens.
See also: synechia
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Structural ocular complications in HLA-B27-associated uveitis Complication n (%) Complicated cataract 12 (6.7%) High intraocular pressure (>21 mmHg) 15 (8.3%) Posterior synechia 41 (22.9%) Present at presentation 35 (85.4%) Developed during follow-up 6 (14.6%) Macular edema 1 (1.1%)
The uveitis may have been caused by reflex or fungal endophthalmitis, which then led to the cataract and posterior synechia appreciated in the OS.
The hyphema regressed on day 7, revealing lens opacification and posterior synechia at 5 o'clock, just opposite the incision (Figure 3b).
It prevents the development of posterior synechia between the iris and the capsule.
Case Species History 1 EASO 6-y-old captive owl found as a nestling with traumatic injury to the right eye, which resulted in a mature cataract and a posterior synechia. 2 GHOW 7-y-old captive owl with a history of traumatic injury to the left eye, which resulted in retinal detachment and bullous keratopathy and which was unresponsive to medical therapy.
(8) found that the presence of broad-based posterior synechia, retinal vasculitis with or without choroiditis, and serpiginous-like choroiditis were strong indicators of TB uveitis in TB-endemic areas.
Slit-lamp examination revealed anterior chamber reaction in 2 eyes (patients 7 and 9); patient 9 also presented with endophthalmitis and exhibited wide posterior synechia and vascularized inflammatory membrane posterior to the lens in addition to anterior chamber reaction.

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