posterior subcapsular cataract

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pos·te·ri·or sub·cap·su·lar cat·a·ract

a cataract involving the cortex at the posterior pole of the lens.

posterior subcapsular cataract

Abbreviation: PSC
A cataract between the posterior capsule and cortex. It is more common in younger patients, diabetics, and patients who use steroids. It tends to diminish near vision before it affects distance vision.
Synonym: posterior subcortical cataract; posterior cortical cataract
See also: cataract
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(Ctrl: control group; Total cat: all cataract groups combined; NC: nuclear cataract; CC: cortical cataract; and PSC: posterior subcapsular cataract).
All patients in both groups had nuclear cataracts of grade 2-3 or posterior subcapsular cataracts. For all the keratoplasty patients, cataract surgery was performed at least 6 months after the date of penetrating keratoplasty.
Bilateral posterior subcapsular cataracts after inhaled budesonide therapy for brochopulmonary dysplasia.
The exams detected two posterior subcapsular cataracts that were outside the central 3-mm zone, but both were in the control group and none in the budesonide group, Dr.
Posterior subcapsular cataracts associated with nasal or inhalation corticosteroids.
"Posterior subcapsular cataracts are the least common but the most important because they lead to surgery more frequently than other cataracts," explains Jacques.
In an Australian study of 370 adult asthmatics aged 49-97 years, the risk of posterior subcapsular cataracts was not increased in patients who used inhaled beclomethasone or budesonide for less than 1 year.
A 1996 study of young people found no link between use of inhalers and posterior subcapsular cataracts, the most common type needing surgery.

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