posterior segment

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pos·te·ri·or seg·'ment

a delimited part or section of an organ or other structure that lies in back of or dorsal to the other similar parts or sections. See: posterior bronchopulmonary segment S II, posterior basal bronchopulmonary segment S X, posterior hepatic segment I, (right) posterior lateral hepatic segment [VII] [VII], (right) posterior medial hepatic segment [VIII] [VIII], posterior renal segment.
Synonym(s): segmentum posterius [TA]
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Both anterior segment and posterior segment manifestations are seen in patients presenting with dengue fever.
Characteristic Number (%) Anterior segment Conjunctival chemosis (without injection) 2 (3.77) Conjunctival and episcleral injection 6 (11.32) Corneal edema 1 (1.89) Corneal epithelium erosion 1 (1.89) Iridocyclitis 3 (5.66) Rubeosis iridis 11 (20.75) Neovascular glaucoma 7 (13.21) Sluggish light reflex 13 (24.53) Asymmetric cataract 10 (18.87) Posterior segment Retinal edema 8 (15.09) Narrowed retinal arteries 5 (9.43) Dilated retinal veins 4 (7.55) Microaneurysms 15 (28.30) Retinal hemorrhages 22 (41.51) Cotton-wool spots 12 (22.64) Cherry-red spot 1 (1.89) Retinal neovascularization 7 (13.21) Periorbital Ophthalmoplegia 1 (1.89) Ptosis 1 (1.89)
(14) reported that the presence of ERM is correlated with advanced age, duration of uveitis, male gender, cataract surgery history, and intermediate and posterior segment involvement.
Flexible bronchoscopy revealed a swollen endobronchial lesion at the apical posterior segment of left upper lobe of the lung (Figure 2).
Ocular ultrasound was performed in children with no fundus view to rule out posterior segment pathology.
The left fundus viewed by indirect ophthalmoscopy was hazy because of anterior segment findings but showed a grossly normal posterior segment. The patient was initially given topical 1% topical prednisolone acetate (every hour while awake) and 1% homatropine (2*/d).
On coronal views from magnetic resonance images (MRI) of both knee joints, the posterior segment of the lateral meniscus was seen in the intercondylar space, and there was only a small space for the lateral meniscus in its normal location between the articular surfaces of the lateral femoral condyle (LFC) and the LTP (Figure 1(a)).
Posterior uveitis is a chronic, non-infectious inflammatory disease affecting the posterior segment of the eye, often involving the retina, which is a leading cause of blindness in the developed and developing countries.
The clinical and experimental drugs for the posterior segment treatments include both small and large molecules (such as siRNA, antibodies, growth factors, DNA), but delivering these molecules to the target sites is problematic.
Posterior segment findings were present in 16 patients (13.3%); of which, 14 (87.5%) had retinal hemorrhages.

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